We work with clients who anticipate or are in the process of transitions.

Employment Transitions

Job/Career Change

Assessing changes in lifestyle, geographic location, and family life; rethinking priorities; comparing current vs. offered compensation packages; maximizing new benefits; considering family relocation issues; anticipating the impact of changes in income, savings, spending and investing.

Sale or Gift of a Business

Contemplating the next phase for your life; considering the impact on employees, family, and customers; minimizing income/gift tax; analyzing the short and long-term impact of changes income sources, use of savings, lifestyle expenditures, risks, investment returns, and taxes; modeling “what if” scenarios to test options.


Defining what retirement means to you; identifying meaning and purpose in your next phase; transitioning from earned income to portfolio income; minimizing taxes; timing of Social Security and other benefits; assessing Medicare options and cost; leveraging Required Minimum Distributions from retirement accounts; effecting Roth IRA conversions; reassessing risk; changes in income, savings, spending and investing; defining the legacy you want to leave.

Relationship Transitions


Searching for meaning in your grief; transitioning from what was to what can be; maximizing benefits; balancing changes in income, savings, spending, and investing.


Moving beyond hurt and/or betrayal to a new life filled with possibilities; structure a fair financial settlement; starting anew with changes in income, savings, spending and investing; considering current need for existing insurance policies; rethinking estate distribution plans.


Reaching consensus on decisions together; determining what will remain separate; considering complications in blending the families; reimagining your estate distribution plan; considering implications to income, savings, spending, and investing; reassessing the need of existing insurance policies.

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