Certain life events can cause sudden increases in expenses or decreases in income that can be life-altering or even catastrophic.

Layoff · Disability · Illness · Death of Spouse · Natural Disaster

Stress testing your financial plan enables you to assess what risk you are willing and able to accept, reduce, transfer, or avoid. Adjustments to your savings and investment strategy are the first steps to make you financially self-sufficient. But when savings are unable to absorb sudden financial shocks, third-party insurance can be a cost-effective tool. Insurance products come in many shapes and sizes and can be complicated, but, if used properly, insurance can provide a financial safety net to give you peace-of-mind. We understand when and how to integrate insurance into a plan to cost-effectively mitigate risk for you and your family. We work with you to design, select, procure, monitor, and manage these products. We can access a full array of non-proprietary insurance products on your behalf. We also help evaluate financial products you already have and, when needed, help you restructure and manage existing products to better serve your needs.

  • Providing for your family in the event of premature death.
  • Supplementing lost earnings in the event of a disability.
  • Paying for the high cost of nursing care.
  • Using a bond alternative that cannot lose principal even when interest rates rise or the stock market falls.
  • Creating a personal pension that you cannot outlive.
  • Funding a  Buy-Sell Agreement.
  • Retaining key employees with a Deferred Compensation plan funded to provide for payment upon retirement.