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I was born into a third-generation farming family. I was in high school when my grandparents passed away without any sort of will in place.  My grandparents weren’t wealthy but they had a lot of land, and my parents ended up spending a lot of money and time – literally years — to sort it all out.  Had my grandparents had a few basic documents in place, all of that never would have never happened. That experience is what drove me specialize in financial advising.

I typically let my clients determine how often they want to meet. At first, as I’m sifting through the raw data and analytics of their portfolio, it’s about every three months. Once they’re comfortable with their financial plan, we meet less. Using eMoney, we really don’t miss a beat. Unless there’s a major life change, we can easily tell what’s going on in a client’s financial situation.

I joined the MBR team in September 2013.  I had known Trey and Mary and Suresh for years before and knew we all shared a “service-first” mindset.  That’s what makes MBR stand out and why I was so happy to join them..

Our set-up is uncommon in the industry.  What’s special about being an independent “boutique” firm is that we can gets things done efficiently — with the principals engaged directly with their clients.  Throughout the industry, there are and more “robo-advisors” that don’t get all the pieces of the puzzle: taxes, cash flow, assets, and so on.  Worse, they don’t understand the clients’ goals and desires.  There’s no robo-advising at MBR.  None.

Success to me means making sure things go well, but being prepared for when they don’t.  We deal in best- and worst-case scenarios.  That’s our job – to ensure smooth transitions through life changes

I’m proud of how well we’re able to work with families. I work with many third-generation clients and it’s gratifying to have developed so many close relationships. I consider my biggest accomplishment to be helping steward so many wonderful families toward financial stability and success.  That, more than anything else, is why I do what I do.

Education and Credentials

  • University of Nebraska, BS Business Administration
  • MBA, CFS®, CES®
  • Board Certified in Estate Planning

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