Reimagine Retirement

The old view of retirement is to transition from paycheck income to portfolio income to provide for living expenses for the rest of your life.
The new view of retirement is to reimagine your life so that work, leisure, and learning are combined to provide meaning and purpose for you. Retirement isn’t an end, it’s a restart to a new phase of your life!

Financial Advice

Most financial advisors are stuck in the old view of retirement, in which you retire from work with a singular focus on not running out of money. While money is important, quality of life issues are just as critical. Both need to be carefully balanced with how you spend, save, earn and invest your money.

MBR Financial

We believe in the new view, where retirement is a phase of life that you transition to, and that requires a thoughtful change in mindset. Have you thought through how will you remain socially connected? What will challenge you and give you a sense of purpose? How will your spouse’s daily routine be affected? Most importantly, are you ready to retire? Having enough money is part of the equation, but issues regarding health, family, and current employment are critical elements. Through active exploration and modeling, we help you discover how your needs and desires fit with your financial realities.

Plan • Nurture • Grow

Financial advice as life changes to cultivate a secure future.

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