MBR Financial can help you transition into a retirement lifestyle that goes beyond what you may have thought possible. MBR Financial in Houston, TX, can help you transition into a retirement lifestyle that goes beyond what you may have thought possible.   Retirement can be more stressful than you expected.  The loss of social connections, meaningful work, and recognition are not often thought about until they’ve ended.  At MBR, retirement planning begins by asking questions that will make you think about what you want in this next chapter of your life and how you will derive satisfaction and happiness.

MBR clients find that reflection helps them gain the clarity and direction that become their touchstone for confident retirement planning decisions.  By helping you articulate your vision more clearly, the MBR team can show you how to align your finances to support your desired retirement lifestyle.

Retirement planning outcomes are only as good as the inputs. Unfortunately, most advisors begin the retirement planning process by asking what you want before you’ve thought it through. Then, they fill in the rest with their own biases about what they think you should want.  While this may be more expeditious, it results in a more generic retirement plan that probably won’t help you realize your full potential in your retirement years.  MBR Financial doesn’t do generic retirement plans. 

MBR Financial in Houston, TX, is creative and resourceful.  Many clients have already done some retirement planning.  We not only respect that, we build on it.  We analyze financial products you may have purchased in the past – such as life insurance and annuities – and help structure them to benefit you even more.

MBR Financial gives you the information you need to make informed decisions in the way you like it.  Do you prefer detailed analytics, charts and graphs, summary bullet points, verbal explanations, or some combination?  Whether you are a numbers person or not, we present information the way you like it, so you understand what the technical analysis says.

How you will earn, spend, save and invest your money says a lot about how you should invest.  We help design a portfolio that balances your retirement income needs with the growth needed to protect against inflation.  To this end, we use cash flow and probability analysis to understand what is possible and to “try out” alternative approaches.  We stress-test your plan to determine what potential situations could cause sudden increases in expenses or decreases in income that could derail your plan: health issues, death of s spouse, financial assistance needed for family members, etc.  Once identified, we explore possible ways to mitigate the risks.

Because life changes, MBR Financial believes that flexibility is a key component of sound retirement planning.   Locking in one strategy with so-called “guaranteed” products often results in regret when life doesn’t quite turn out as planned. Instead, a resilient retirement plan adapts to you and your environment as needed.  With MBR, your retirement plan grows with you.  We work closely with you to implement your decisions, monitor your progress, and recommend changes as your circumstances may require.

Change is constant.  At MBR Financial in Houston, TX, we support you in your transition to retirement through a systematic retirement planning process that adapts as you and your circumstances evolve.  Call us at (832) 667-8787 to schedule a free initial consultation.


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