Providing retirement income planning for life strategies is one of our primary focuses at MBR Financial in Houston, TX. When it comes to retirement income planning, talk to MBR Financial in Houston, TX.  Retirement income planning involves establishing a strategy to sustain your lifestyle with your investments. It is a transition from paycheck income to portfolio income.  Retirement income planning is an ongoing process that involves analysis, design, monitoring, and periodic adjustments along the way.

If you underestimate the importance of retirement income planning and monitoring, the consequences can be severe. What may seem like more than sufficient money at the outset can turn into an onerous problem to turn around if identified too late. In The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway stated, “How did you go bankrupt?  Two ways.  Gradually, then suddenly.” While you may never get to the point of bankruptcy, pre-retirement income planning identifies potential problems when you have many options, and minor changes will make a significant impact: save more, work longer, minimize taxes, invest for more growth, spend less, etc. If you ignore early warnings or risk assessments, the further you are into retirement, the fewer options you have until your only choice left is drastic lifestyle changes.

At MBR Financial in Houston, TX, we specialize in retirement income planning and investment management.  How you earn, spend, save, share, and invest are a series of interdependent choices you make throughout your life that take on more importance as you approach and enter into retirement.  We help you establish a retirement income plan which smooths your passage with proven strategies, risk management, education, and periodic adjustments to keep you on track.

Tax minimization helps you free up more money for you and your family.  While you are obligated to pay your fair share of taxes, you have every right to arrange your affairs to reduce your tax burden.  We help you understand your options to save taxes and how it will benefit you over time.

Investing for income is a blend of art and science.  Some forms of income are lower with less volatility and may even have some guarantees.  Others offer a higher income but with more variability of principle. Thus, designing a retirement income strategy that fits your needs will often involve a combination of approaches unique to you. At MBR Financial, we help you understand where your retirement income will come from and seamlessly replace your earned income.

Investing involves risk. While the adage is “no pain, no gain,” we believe you can reduce the pain by understanding the investment risk you assume and how it fits your overall strategy.  While risk is inherent in investing, we recognize that the level of risk varies over time. For example, there are periods where the upside potential outweighs the downside risk and vice versa.  At MBR Financial, we vary the risk in your investments based on market conditions and help you understand the appropriate use of risk in your situation.

At MBR Financial, we are fiduciaries, which means we put your interest first ahead of our own.  Our “serve first” philosophy is the cornerstone of our practice.  The standard most financial professionals are held to is defined by the SEC, which states, “Regulation Best Interest only applies at the time of a recommendation of any securities transaction or investment strategy” (SEC Release No. 34-8603 1347-8).  At MBR Financial, we continuously put our clients’ best interest first, not just at the time of a recommendation.

With retirement income planning at MBR Financial in Houston, TX, we blend the planning and the investing to create a strategy unique to you.  To find out how you can benefit, speak to a financial advisor at MBR Financial in Houston, TX, at (832) 667-8787.


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