MBR Financial in Houston offers portfolio management services which are developed and managed based on your unique needs.MBR Financial offers portfolio management services in Houston, Texas, developed and managed based on your unique needs and desires.   Growth, income, and liquidity are critical components of a successful investment strategy.  At MBR Financial, we are meticulous in the initial development of your portfolio strategy. We remain vigilant to recognize changes in your situation, which will be best served by adjusting your portfolio investment management strategy.

Portfolio management services involve balancing personal trade-offs.  Risk and return, income and growth, short and long-term—are not binary options but rather degrees along a spectrum and the choice should align with your unique circumstances. Too often, investors relinquish these crucial decisions to the portfolio manager(s) with minimal investor input.  Investment satisfaction comes from understanding these trade-offs and the resulting impact on your finances.  At MBR Financial, we listen and ask thought-provoking questions to understand your needs, aspirations, and tolerance for risk.  We educate you on the importance of these trade-offs by modeling your situation with various options to find the mix that best suits your situation. Finally, we summarize the numbers with charts and graphs so you can visualize the impact of these compromises over the short and long-term.  Essentially, we empower you to make the trade-off decisions that best fit you and your family.

MBR Financial provides our clients with on-going, portfolio management services.  We analyze your situation, educate you on your options, and make recommendations.  With your input, we create a strategy that fits you best.  We actively manage and monitor continuously in light of your individual needs.

The on-going investment management process at MBR Financial is robust and continuous:

  • Asset Allocation: We over-and-under-weight stocks, bonds and cash to alter risk in client portfolios vis-à-vis market conditions.  When stock market downside risk is low relative to the potential upside return, typically after sharp market sell-offs as the market begins to turn up, it is advantageous to increase stock holdings within a set range.   Conversely, when markets are at bubble conditions, selectively trimming stocks and reallocating a portion to cash and/or bonds within a given range helps preserve profits.
  • Themes: Identifying timely themes enables us to take advantage of emerging opportunities or avoid pitfalls in client portfolios.  Events that cause long-term market shifts include the Covid-19 pandemic; technological advances that reduce cost, solve problems, and improve lifestyles; legislative changes to taxes, rules, and regulations; policy changes by the Federal Reserve.  In recent years, themes we have added to portfolios include artificial intelligence and robotics, e-commerce, healthcare technology, and cloud computing.
  • Styles: Various segments of investment markets perform differently, depending on economic conditions. We adapt portfolios based on market conditions by over- and under-weighting large companies vs. small, domestic vs. international; high-quality vs. low-quality bonds; and long-term vs. short-term bonds.
  • Selection: We deploy a disciplined quantitative and qualitative due diligence and selection process to identify stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and no-load or load-waived mutual funds that best represent identified themes and market outlook.

MBR Financial cares and is committed to putting your best interest above all else, at all times.  We maintain your confidentiality.  We practice due diligence in our judgment, prudence, and determinations, the cornerstone of a fiduciary.  In contrast, many in portfolio management services are held to a different standard, which is defined by the SEC: “Regulation Best Interest only applies at the time of a recommendation of any securities transaction or investment strategy” (SEC Release No. 34-8603 1347-8).  At MBR Financial, “time of recommendation” is only the beginning of our on-going watchfulness.

Our portfolio management services at MBR Financial in Houston, TX are a diligent process adapted to you and always put your best interest firstFind out more by calling us at (832) 667-8787 to schedule a free initial consultation.


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