When it comes to estate planning, MBR Financial in Houston, TX takes the time to understand what is most important to you.When it comes to estate planning, MBR Financial in Houston, TX, understands how difficult thinking about and planning for end-of-life issues can be.   Simply asking about how you want to distribute your financial assets is not enough.

At MBR, the estate planning process begins by learning about you and your family.  We ask questions that make you think about who is important to you, the challenges they face, and how best to support the dreams and ambitions of your heirs without creating an “entitlement mentality.”  You may have charitable organizations that you want to support.

MBR Financial helps you understand your options when designing your will or revocable trust.  For example, we help you determine: whether to use trusts or make out-right distributions; how to create checks and balances with a Trust Protector; how to select Executors, Trustees and/or Trust Protectors from among family members or institutions; determine which financial assets should be controlled by the will and which should be set up to go directly to heirs or charity.  We create a one-page depiction to help you visualize your distribution plan and determine if it fits your circumstances.

While there are many estate planning tools and techniques, it’s often best to keep it simple.  At MBR Financial in Houston, TX, we don’t need to show you how smart we are by over complicating your estate planning.  Our focus is to help you create a sound plan tailored to your family’s unique circumstances and challenges.  If it cannot be illustrated in a one-page summary, it’s probably too complicated.

MBR Financial helps you understand and address your own end-of-life issues.  We help clients understand the importance of ancillary documents such as Health-care Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney, HIPPA and how to select who should make these critical decisions on your behalf.  Considering and communicating your living arrangement preferences become crucial if you should need nursing, skilled care or a caregiver.  Pre-arranged burial arrangement eliminates the guesswork for your family.

Most people equate estate planning to having a will and simply stop there.  Providing financially for the surviving spouse and children – and even parents at times – is important, too.  At MBR Financial, we help project current and future needs for your family and others you care about.  For the charitably inclined, we educate you on the various giving strategies that are tax-efficient.  For blended families, we show you how to provide for your spouse without disinheriting your children from a prior marriage.  When adequate savings have not yet been realized, we show you how life insurance can be utilized to provide for a surviving spouse and children.  At MBR, we help you understand how to select a policy, structure its funding, decide on the size of the death benefit and designate ownership – all with an eye to flexibility as your finances and family dynamics change.

When it comes to estate planning, MBR Financial in Houston, TX takes the time to understand what is most important to you.  This enables us to help you align your estate distribution plan with your needs and desires and to ensure that it adequately provides for those you care about most.  MBR Financial in Houston, TX specializes in financial advice as life changes to cultivate a secure future for families.  For more information, call us at (832) 667-8787.


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