Life Beyond Divorce

Divorce is an emotionally-charged process that requires you to absorb and to grieve the life-altering, and often contentious end of a relationship. No one else’s grief will look and feel the same as yours. Your feelings may change from day to day and can run the gamut of anger, betrayal, shock, confusion, regret, despair, anxiety, loneliness, hopelessness, and apathy. Strong emotions can elicit physical responses such as sleeplessness, headaches, low energy, digestive distress, even new aches and pains, all compounded by multiple financial decisions. It can be overwhelming, and how you manage is unique to you. You might push through the tasks at hand as quickly as possible, or you might withdraw, reluctant to address them at all. The difficulty comes not only from the change itself but also from letting go of the person you were to find the person you wish to become. How well you do this depends on how you respond, the type and level of support you have, and the choices you ultimately make.

Financial Advice

Professional financial advice is essential, but many financial advisors focus only on the technical side. They “tell” clients what they should do without realizing that several interim steps may be necessary before the client has clarity and direction for the next phase. Decisions made before a client is ready may delay or derail the transition process and jeopardize their financial security.

MBR Financial

We serve as a “thinking partner” as you transition to the next phase of your life. We listen to the issues of concern to you and help you prioritize what is time-sensitive, to relieve the sense of being overwhelmed. Your financial and lifestyle transition will require decisions that should be made thoughtfully. Your passage often takes longer than you think and can lead to fatigue. That’s why we listen carefully and ask thought-provoking questions, which gives you the time and space you need to think. Thinking reduces the intensity of your inevitable emotions, freeing you to define the next phase of your life. We help you face the uncertainties and patiently transition from what is to what it can be, while aligning your finances accordingly.

Plan • Nurture • Grow

Financial advice as life changes to cultivate a secure future.

Planning • Investment Management • Risk Mitigation