MBR Financial specializes in comprehensive financial planning as your life changes to help you cultivate a secure future.MBR Financial in Houston, TX specializes in comprehensive financial planning.  Comprehensive financial planning is an important process to keep your finances aligned with fluctuations you experience.  Life is full of changes that often impact your finances, some in dramatic ways, others more subtle.  Along with change comes a certain amount of stress, particularly when you do not feel in control.  Comprehensive financial planning shifts your perceptions to help you think about your situation from varying vantage points.  This enables you to think more broadly, set new priorities, see opportunities, evaluate options, and make confident decisions that can positively impact your financial future.

At MBR Financial, financial planning isn’t just about investments. There is a lot of ground to cover before we can adequately discuss investment strategies with you. Financial planning is about aligning your finances with your life plans and anticipating potential obstacles you may encounter along the way.  So, before any analysis begins, we need to understand your circumstances, priorities, and the direction you want to go.  We begin comprehensive financial planning by listening and asking thought-provoking questions as you articulate your vision, aspirations and concerns.

Major life changes are often a catalyst to seek financial advice.   Marriage, birth of a child, divorce, death of a spouse, death of a parent, disability, chronic illness, change in employment, relocation, and retirement are just some of the trigger points that can have significant impacts on your finances. Unfortunately, some self-diagnose what they need and seek to limit the scope of advice, but such an approach, often “piecemeal,” may lead to flawed and short-sighted financial decisions.  A bigger picture is needed to provide the context that leads to better options and advice, resulting in well-thought-out financial decisions.

Comprehensive financial planning at MBR Financial in Houston, TX not only addresses your concerns, but also uncovers opportunities for improvement that may have been overlooked, along with potential weaknesses to be addressed in advance of a crisis.  We use tools that inform and educate.  We solicit your input and help you understand the output of our modeling and summarize the findings with easy-to-comprehend graphs and charts.  We perform “what if” scenarios and stress test the analysis. We share with you what other clients have done in similar situations.  We help you brainstorm to explore other possibilities for your unique circumstances.  We address cash flows such as income, expenses, taxes, investment allocations, and how these factors may change over time.  We look at personal risk factors, investment opportunities, and historical market fluctuations. All of this analysis culminates in options for you to consider, each with short- and long-term opportunities and trade-offs.  Comprehensive financial planning – done well – prepares you to make confident financial decisions.

At MBR Financial in Houston, TX, we specialize in comprehensive financial planning as your life changes to help you cultivate a secure future Find out more by calling us at 832-667-8787 to schedule a free initial consultation.


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